WE ARE A GREEK BRAND that came to life in 2014 when fashion designer Margarita Priftaki & web designer/developer Antonis Papadakis joined their forces to create EMENAY.
At EMENAY WE BELIEVE IN INDIVIDUALITY.Every item is unique & is designed to be comfortable and to have ease in movement.WE DESIGN FOR SIMPLICITY AND ADVERSITY.We believe that the magic is in the mix.THERE IS NEVER ONE WAY TO WEAR OUR CLOTHES.We combine our lush,soft fabrics that caress the skin with leather,linen & wool cloth of great quality to create and complete your style.We mix earthly tones with splashes of black & shades of grey to inspire the imagination.WE BELIEVE THAT QUALITY  IN OUR CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS AND FABRICS SET US APART to be recognized in the streets.Every collection is a continuation of the previous one and every idea is a journey that leads to our future.WE INCORPORATE LOVE,PASSION AND COMMITMENT in everything we do.ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CHOOSE.


We know you want to look good and our experienced and passionate team knows how to do that.

Come over and meet them at Emenay.


Exclusive Designer


CEO / Founder


Head Of Marketing


Sales Manager